Indoor Services at Beth Tefilah, Shabbat 9:30 AM

Attendance is limited to 20 people due to Provincial restrictions due to COVID-19. Attendance will operate on a first come first serve basis.'

Beth Tefilah now holds indoor services for Shabbat mornings at 9:30 AM with appropriate distancing protocols. Chairs and tables are set up at least two meters apart. Aliyas are taken from a spot six feet away from the Torah reader. Please bring your own Talit and Kipah. The communal ones will not be available. Masks are provided upon entry and the use of a mask will be a condition of participation.

The process: As you arrive at the building, please remain two meters from anyone entering ahead of you. There will be a list of screening questions posted on the front door (also printed below in the bulletin). If you are not running a fever (above 37.8 C) and have not answered positively to any of the screening questions, proceed indoors after masking. Take a siddur and chumash and make your way to one of the seats. Please do not move the seats from their designated spots or share siddurim and chumashim with anyone outside your immediate family.

Provincial protocols discourage communal singing at Shull, thus the chazan will sing and the congregation is encouraged to sing minimally. If you are called to an Aliya, please step to the pre marked spot six feet from the Bimah and take your Aliya from there. Gloves are not required though you may wear them if you wish. A small supply will be available. Please wash or sanitize your hands frequently especially before and after touching surfaces such as faucets and door handles.

Services will begin promptly at 9:30 AM and will proceed with care and enthusiasm but also with expedition. The duration of the service is likely to be less than two hours to avoid prolonging the time of congregation. For this reason, we will not wait for a Minyan; if one is not present when we conclude Shacharit (approximately 10:15 AM), we will proceed directly to Musaf.

The washrooms will be open; however, we are all encouraged to minimize the use of public facilities. This means one person at a time. Wash your hands after use and use the disinfectant spray and paper towels (available in the washroom) to disinfect any surface you have touched.

Attendance at this service will require discipline to remain in place, at a distance, while masked, for a prolonged period. If you feel that your child can sit at your side throughout the service, not walk about, enter the children’s room, or attend the washroom without you, feel free to bring him or her with you to Shull. The children’s room will not be available for use.

Please leave your Siddur and Chumash on the table or on your chair. Do not return them to the shelves. This will allow us to know which books need to be disinfected. There will not be a Kiddush after services. Please do not remain indoors to socialize after services. When leaving the synagogue please use the marks on the floor to maintain proper distanding.

You may print out the following questions before Shabbat and screen yourself before leaving your home to attend the Minyan Alternatively, you can screen yourself from the posted note at the door of the synagogue.

The Public Health Agency of Canada strongly urges anyone who has any of the following symptoms: fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose, or headache to isolate at home or another suitable location.

Do you have any of the following symptoms:

If you answer positively to any of the above, please don’t attend and take this self assessment after Shabbat.

If you are elderly or have underlying medical conditions, and are wary about attending services, please consider remaining at home.

We are moving forward with baby steps. We look forward to reviewing this policy again in the near future and finetuning it. We hope to share more good news after this interim period about Kabbalat Shabbat and weekday Minyanim.

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