Donations to the shul are a welcome and necessary part of how we keep the doors open and pay our bills. Please consider one of the following gifts:

Special Kiddush $200 and up (*) Yahrzeit Plaque $250
Regular Kiddush $125 (*) Dedication of Chumash $72
Kiddush Fund $36 Dedication of a Siddur $54
Seudah Shelishit $36 Dedication of Tehillim $30
Eitz Chaim Stone $1500 Rabbi's Fund $18 & up
Eitz Chaim Leaf $180 Endowment Fund $36 & up

(*) please call 519-433-7081 for details & to reserve date

Credit Card Donations

Donations are processed online through Canada Helps

The funds will be transferred to Beth Tefilah and the web site will process your donation and provide you with a charitable receipt immediately.

Donate Stocks or Mutual Funds to Beth Tefilah

Donations in Kind

While we are unable to issue tax receipts for donations in kind. If you include a donation when you submit a receipt for anything bought for the shul (or an invoice for a service provided to the shul), we will reimburse you for the purchase (or paid invoice) and issue a tax receipt for the donation.

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