Rabbi Lazer's Lectures Available on CD

The following lecture series are available from Rabbi Lazer for $10 per audio CD. As more lectures become available, they will be posted here.

The Dialogue of Prayer ($50):

  1. Historical Development
  2. Private vs. Congregational
  3. Kavanah (2 CDs)
  4. Gender Roles

The Oral Tradition ($50):

  1. Necessity
  2. History and Development (2 CDs)
  3. Structure (The Role of the Sanhedrin - Responsibility and Authority)
  4. Methodology (Overview of The Thirteen Principles of Derivation and Case Studies)

The Afterlife & Reincarnation ($40)

  1. Afterlife - Heaven and Hell
  2. An Overview of Reincarnation
  3. Biblical History and Reincarnation (2 CDs)

Relationships From a Jewish Perspective ($20)

  1. Harmony
  2. Love

Please note that each lecture series is also available on a single CD in MP3 format, at a cost of $30 per series ($18 for Relationships).

Coming soon:

We thank Dansanman Studios who provide a discount on CD duplication costs for Rabbi Lazer's lectures.

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