Our Board:

(elected May 2019 - Meeting minutes on request)

Board meeting dates for 2020: to be determined
Annual General Meeting: to be scheduled

Daniel Bell 
Jack BottnerPast President
Michelle BottnerTreasurer
Avi Brown|Secretary|
Devorah Leah Brown 
Manny Friedman 
William Frydman 
Sandy Levin 
Jacqui Richards 
Malka Deena Lewis
Brian Ublansky 
Jeff Shavzin 


(chairs listed in boldface)

House: Jeff Shavzin
Programming: Rabbi Lazer, TBD
Youth Programming: Rabbi Lazer, TBD
Fundraising: TBD
Security: Michelle Bottner

Gabbais: Phil Weinstein
Cemetery Committee Liaison: open
Webmaster: Shi Sherebrin

Past Presidents

Jack Bottner
Avi Brown
Monty Caplan
Morris Friedman z"l
Fabian Gorodzinsky
Isaac Moskowitz z"l
Avraham Santopinto
Stanley Sober z"l
Marvin Sherebrin
Shi Sherebrin
Harry Tugender

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